Games Of Skill

1. All games that are offered on Leeg are 'Games Of Skill'.

2. Game of Skill is when the player dedicates his/her time in learning, practicing and sharpening a skill to succeed in that game.

3. Games of skill are outside the periphery of gambling (online/offline, actual or simulated) & are not prohibited.

4. Game of Skill is different from gambling or game of chance (apart from Awurudu games), and Leeg doesn't endorse games that are dependant on mere luck where the final results of the game are wholly uncertain in parts or thereof (apart from Awurudu games).

5. Most mobile games have an element of chance or luck but in the form of challenges. It is up to the user to overcome them using their experience, skill & hand-eye coordination every unique time the game is played. No matter the level & the kind of opponent. Any game where success depends predominantly upon the user's skill is legal.